Saturday, July 13, 2013

Under Siege - No Kill Nation Targets Senior Sanctuary

No Kill Nation's president Debi Day has gotten increasingly desperate in trying to defend her actions seeking to jail me in order to silence my comments on her organization's radical behavior in animal advocacy.  Casting aside the issues that lead to No Kill Nation filing a civil lawsuit that centered around the funding of NKN's Everglades Project is late 2011 the focus this blog will clarify is a number of false allegations coming from No Kill Nation's president and many of its rabid followers.

No Kill Nation has lodged some serious allegations that my rescue sanctuary is not licensed, that the hounds in my care haven't received proper vet care and a more serious allegation that this lead to my being personally responsible for the deaths of fifteen of the hounds who have passed away over the last few years.

A "Mary Palmer" writes "Seems to me more people should be asking why this man, with a criminal past is allowed to call himself rescue he is not licensed?  I would also like to know how 15 of his rescue dogs have died under suspicious circumstances in a couple of years."

While I am not sure who Mary is or where she got her facts I will clarify her concerns.  First off, I have NEVER been convicted of a criminal act.  Suggesting that as fact without offering proof of a conviction is in itself highly libelous.  The only conviction I have had in my sixty years is the 2008 "misdemeanor" conviction for dog barking in Gwinnett. 

The law that I was cited on and convicted in Gwinnett's Recorders Court in August of 2008 has been changed no longer making a dog barking offense anything more than it should have been - a zoning violation under Gwinnett's animal ordinance code. 

Over the last two years Debi Day has repeated alleged that I have been convicted of a felony.  I have challenged her to prove that with a conviction and to date she has been unable to do so because there is no record of being convicted of a felony.

The second allegation that I am "not licensed" to do rescue is true.  From the years 2002 to 2010 I was a foster home for a "licensed" rescue group under the Georgia Department of Agriculture.  In the summer of 2010 I retired from rescue for health reasons and to spend more time with my own senior dogs.

That hasn't prevented me from adopting several dogs as a private citizen from a number of Georgia's kill shelters.  My criteria for adopting is very narrow.  First the beagle has to be at least ten years of age and it has to have run out of all options with the many licensed beagle rescues and be in imminent danger of being euthanized. 

The beagles and their shelters I have adopted since retiring from rescue include Malcolm a heartworm positive senior adopted in July 2011 from Barrow County, Cruiser, a senior female blind in one eye from Commerce Animal Control also in July of 2011, Oscar, a fifteen year old beagle who was a hospice from Gwinnett Animal Control in August 2011, Clarence, a male basset/beagle mix also adopted from Commerce in September 2011, Petey, a twelve year old plus beagle with a heart condition and his kennel mate Bella a ten year old beagle girl out of Cobb County Animal Control late November 2011, Bud Bud a ten year old beagle in may 2012 from Gwinnett Animal Control and more recently a few weeks ago a senior beagle named Spencer who was also out of Cobb County Animal Control.

Malcolm, Cruiser, Clarence, Oscar, Petey, Bella, Bud Bud and Spencer all share one common trait.  They would all be dead now had I not decided to take them on as pets that I OWN.

With those eight I currently own twenty seven dogs.  In the twelve years I have had twenty something dogs sharing my house there has never been even a warning over care issues.  That also can be verified through animal control.  Gwinnett is one of the few counties in Georgia that does not have a pet limit law.

Having an array of seniors living here since specifically 2008 when some of my older personal hounds started to succumb old age it hardly "suspicious circumstances" at all that on the average we have lost three dogs a year from 2008 through 2013.

Those dogs include Toby a basset age 12 who was euthanized when diagnosed with cancer of the spleen, Jethro a beagle foster age 10 plus who passed away in his sleep while be treated for cancer of the stomach and Horatio a small senior beagle rescued from Murray County earlier in 2008 who died from bone cancer. Toby saw two vets who both recommended putting him to sleep, Jethro had been under the care of a local vet hospital for a few months when he suddenly passed and Horatio had been seen out at the University of Georgia when he lost the use of his hind legs. 

In 2009 there were no dogs who passed away but in 2010 that trend changed dramatically.  In February Maggie passed away suffering form kidney failure at the age of 12. Sally, a basset rescued from a puppy mill died at age 10 from a huge cancerous tumor on her chest also in February, in April our girl Zoe Monster passed away after suffering a massive stroke, in Ellie, who was twelve plus was helped to the bridge when she was diagnosed with bladder cancer, our senior basset Samantha also was sent to the bridge with cancer in April 2010 as well.

Maggie's bill for her last few days was several hundred dollars, Zoe's bill for her last 24 hours was over $1,000.  Sally, Ellie and Samantha were all under the care of our family vet during their last days with us.

In 2011 we lost our basset Mulligan to mouth cancer, a foster named Gibbs to mouth cancer, and an over bred older beagle mix named Frannie to a heart attack.  While both Gibbs and Mulligan were being seen by our family vet Frannie died of a massive heart attack here at home.

In the spring of 2012 our basset Sydney Barrett suffered a massive coronary and died at the age of twelve. 

In 2013 Petey passed away in early April from bone cancer, our first beagle died suddenly from bone cancer on Memorial day weekend and our beloved Cleo was taken away after a three month battle with an aggressive cancer as well. 

Cleo's vet bills alone during her last three years averaged $1,000 a year.  In addition to the dogs who have passed our oldest basset Abbie has undergone three major surgeries in the last eighteen months with total vet bills in excess of $3,000 dealing with a stubborn tumor on her front leg.  Our hospice Oscar has undergone successful removal of a tumor despite his advanced age.

This claim of not providing medical care as needed for any of the dogs living under my care is not only insulting but lacking in any credibility as well.

Exactly what with the self proclaimed expert from No Kill Nation like for "someone" too investigate?  Anyone who has followed me on Face book or on this blog knows that each of the hounds passing are well documented. 

It is simply ignorant for No Kill nation's president to suggest wrong doing where she has nothing more than an overly active imagination that is fueled by her own hatred.

How ignorant is Debi Day - you judge.

Stupid enough to think that the bassets and beagles I rescued in 2001 period where part of a "litter".  She is clueless.

But being clueless did not stop Debi from having one of her No Kill nation thugs from trying to file false allegations of abuse with authorities.

No Kill Nation's team member Idiot Whisperer goes on to suggest he will file a complaint with the Georgia Department of Agriculture with the "evidence" he has compiled about "dead corpses"?

Supported of course by the boss of No Kill nation cheering him on with her evidence of having a "dirty carpet".  Certainly with Debi's expertise as a leader this clearly points to man abusive sanctuary where the dogs should be removed. 

Yet, isn't Debi an apologist for true hoarding sanctuaries like Caboodle Ranch and Spindletop Refuge where actual evidence of dead corpses did exist?

There is a clear break where one crosses over from simply being ignorant of the facts they claim leadership skills on to simply being hateful without any concern over what lives they hurt.

Debi Day has crossed over that line time and time again.  She is so obsessed with bringing me down whether its with a bogus jail term or through truly hateful ignorant comments it is hard to imagine how she can do any advocating at all.

It is simply beyond the pale that a woman claiming to represent an national organization to reform our animals shelters would allow let alone direct comments like these.  This simply shows what I have said all along - Debi Day is NOT QUALIFIED to lead a no kill movement reforming our nations animal shelters.

Disgusting?  I'll leave it to people of sound minds to determine who is disgusting in this conversation.