Friday, January 14, 2011

Saving Simone

The recent passing of Michael Ethier was a shock to the local beagle rescue community.  Michael shared a passion for beagles and was  avid at making sure none were killed "on his watch".

A few years back I adopted a sweet beagle named Simone to Michael after he fell for her sweet beagle charm.  Now with Michael's passing it has come to my attention that Simone and four of Michael's other beagles have been being kenneled since his death.

I have always believed that once you commit to rescuing a shelter dog you make a lifetime commitment making sure that dog is safe.  Tomorrow we go pick up Simone - she will come back here and join us as one of the pack.

Through the years Michael assisted - was responsible for saving hundreds and hundreds of death row beagles from Georgia shelters.  It would be simply tragic and heartwrenching if ANY of his personal companions ended up in a shelter because he couldn't save them.

It's equally tragic that his hounds are probably desparately looking for their Michael - who will not return.  Dogs don't know about separation - they don't understand death - all they understand and expect is their master being their to comfort them - feed them and keep them safe.  His hounds must be suffering dearly with his loss.

WE, the rescue community need to save Michael's hounds.  We need to do this not only as a tribute to Michael - but also because it is the right thing to do.  Michael's hounds - Simone - Lani - Towne - Rosie and Freckles deserve better. 

Here's the rest of Michael's hounds

Lani was rescued from Douglas County Animal Control about four years ago.  Lani is up-to-date on vaccinations, HW negative, and will come with clean teeth, as the veterinarian who is boarding her will clean her teeth prior to adoption.

Two years ago Lani had become paralyzed in her rear end, unable to walk and unable to get around without pulling herself around by her front legs.

Throughout Lani's ordeal, Michael doted on her, carrying her around and even building her a cart so she could walk on her own. Little by little, Lani improved, but it was slow. Then, at about the six months mark, Michael took her to the Blessing of the Animals at his church, and it was right after that that Michael put the cart away; Lani had begun walking around as if she had never been disabled. Michael, being a spiritual person, always believed it was time and prayers that made Lani well. Other's might suggest God worked his miracles through Michael's hands and heart - we'll never know - but what is known is Lani must be missing her Michael just terrible.

Can someone please step up and take this girl in?

Townes - Call me handsome -

Michael rescued Towne's mother, Paisley, who was pregnant, from one of the local animal control facilities.  Soon after her rescue, Paisley delivered Townes and his six brothers.  Michael kept Townes, who is named after one of Michael's favorite musicians, and found homes for the other five puppies (one died shortly after birth).  Paisley passed away a few years ago.

Sweet Rosie
Micael took in Rosie a couple of years back after she was found by a rescue group in the Dahlonega area and running down the road.  Since then she's known nothing but Michael's love and care.
Rosie needs a warm place to rest her head.  She is house trained, UTD on her shots, H/W negative and super sweet.  Please help this girl out.


Not much is known about Freckles except that Michael loved him dearly too.  He is neutered, UTD on all his shots, house trained and desparately needs
someone to fill the void Michael's passing has left.

Dr. Laura Alston, has physical custody of Michael's beagles, and has asked for help in finding homes for them. If you are interested or know of anyone who is interested in adopting one of the beagles, please contact Dr. Alston at Dr. Alston has two veterinary clinics. One is South Hall Veterinary Hospital, 3640 Mundy Mill Rd, Suite 178 Gainesville GA. 30504 Tel: (770) 532-4449; Fax: (770) 535-2773; the other is Ark Veterinary Hospital in Buford. The beagles are going to be listed individually on Petfinder, and Dr. Alston and Nancy will be screening potential adopters.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Closing my eyes with sweet memories of you

Now it's the same as before
and I'm alone again

With no sorrow for myself
and blaming no one else

Closing my eyes
you standing there

Now it's the same as before
You've touched me with your love

Though you're in my heart
We're still a world apart

You call this a happy meal?

Back to the time
searching for a dream

No use to try anymore as before
someday I'll die, and maybe then I'll be with you

Closing my eyes
to hear people laugh
they're all alone
not knowing
where to go

Is it asking too much
When the question is what to do
with the life I have
It seems I know nothing now
except my love for you

With the strength in my hands
to go on feeling your smile