Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mulligan's journey's cross the bridge

This morning I sat with Mulligan stroking his head as he passed on to the bridge.  Over the past few days his condition went down hill as he once again lost the use of his hind legs.  Making this decision is the hardest one a person can make, but ultimately giving Mulligan the gift of ending his suffering is what makes our bond so sacred. 

I first saw Mulligan at the Walton County Shelter - he had no use of his hind legs and for all practical sense little chance of surviving his stay. I pulled him not to save him but to at least give him the dignity of being put to sleep with someone who cared. Despite being told by three vet's that euthanasia was our only option Mulligan proved an entirely different future was ahead of him.

While I wanted to give Mulligan every opportunity to fight on I was never going to allow him to suffer. While I will mourn his loss I will forever remember the feeling of great accomplishment when Mulligan took his first steps, the laughter he brought as he chased his poor beaten stuffed bunny around the room, the moans he used to let out when he didn't want to do his physical therapy and the look he would give me letting me know how much he appreciated everything we had been though.

In better days with his pal Toby

True to his couraqgeous nature Mulligan fought this illness with determination as well.  Now he is free to prance and run - and join the other hounds who passed before him.    Rest in peace dear friend.