Monday, January 16, 2012

Once there was a time

When your down and feeling blue there's no better medicine than a smile.  That's why I love the hounds - you can't be feeling sorry when their whimsical ways makes you laugh. 

Keep looking forward, forget the past, it's up to me to make me laugh.

Once there was a time when things weren't quite so blue, we'll just keep looking forward to days anew.

An adaptation of Alvin Lee's song
"Once there was a time".

Once there was a time I'd rob my mama
For a good meal and a smoke
Once there was a time I'd sell my brother
For a dollar when I was broke

But I'd never sell my hound dogs
And things were always great
'Cause if I don't have a hound dog
I'll be strumming on some angels harp
And if I don't get to heaven
And I go down there below
Better be a hound dog when I get there
Or, I will refuse to go
Once there was a time I was hungry
And I'd find my food in some bin
But I'd never, never sell my hound dogs
'Cause that would, darling, be my sin

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Agnes surviving MDAS "Ten Years After"

Strike Force prepares for mission "Save Agnes"
It was ten years ago that we loaded up the "Deadmobile" Emergency Strike Force  for a journey to south Florida to extricate and rescue our girl Agnes from MDAS.  Gilmour wasn't able to make the journey as he was still recovery from his injuries he sustained at MDAS.

For those who think MDAS kill rate is high now ten years ago over 80% of the animals that entered MDAS never emerged. Many were simply left in their cages until they died horribly slow deaths from the diseases in the West Wing.

Agnes and Gilmour both MDAS Survivors
We made it to the shelter early the following morning and I went swiftly to the counter and "adopted" Agnes, even though she looked deathly ill. With her safely on board we turned our transport vehicle around and started back to Atlanta> I soon became concerned that perhaps Agnes wasn't strong enough to make the ten hour journey so we pulled up in Punta Gorda so I clean an open pussy head wound she had and to check her out.

We left early in the morning heading for home. I remember passing through Tampa when an officer who identified himself with the Miami Dade Police Department called and informed me the address on my Florida's license was a warehouse and MDAS policy "forbade" to commercial addresses. I informed the officer that I lived in the Atlanta area and that was also going to be where Agnes would reside as well.

Agnes with her please let me kiss you eyes
He then informed me that adopting dogs out of state was also forbidden and then proceeded to order me to return Agnes to MDAS. I informed him that I had no intention of turning around and my next stop was to take Agnes to MY vet for treatment. I was then informed I would be banned from ever "adopting" from the shelter and cited for violating some law. I probably can’t repeat what my response to his comment was and proceeded on home.

The following day I took Agnes to my vet where she was observed to have a two inch head wound that was infected and was suffering from severe whipworms which my vet suggested would have killed her in a few short days. I told him about my conversation with Officer Killhappy and he said not to worry about it and that he would fax this guy his comments. I’m not entirely sure what was in that fax but I never received a citation in the mail.

We have been blessed with having Agnes as part of our crew for ten years now. Around here she’s also known as the "Mad Kisser" for her habit of planting wet sloppy kisses on whoever she meets. Here’s to Agnes "ten years after".