Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Am I Too Young at Heart

Now you wanna know the reason
Why I’m finished with you?
Well I had to be a hunter again.
To make life feel new again.

'Cause there's just a few things, honey

I'm not old enough to do for you.
And they're the things, momma
You never care to do.

So this flim-flam clown
Found him a flim flam town.
And his flamingo
Showed him how to tango.
And when they tangoed
It'd send his heart's a ‘flutter.

Teased him 'till he'd stutter.
Sweet to surrender
And so sweet surrender?

In sweet surrender.

Ahh, sweet surrender to life.

But now you're gonna go out
And get yourself
A reputation.

But I'm gonna have to show you
Where to start.

And then you're gonna bring back
Your little reputation

And prove to me
What I could not prove to you.

'Cause I was just too young at heart.
I'm just too cold,
Just too hard to care.
Just too hard, 'right?

To surrender?

If you could
Just surrender
Love would heal the mess we've made.

So give it up, 
It 'aint gonna be no good
It keeps goin' 'round and 'round.
You hurt me.
Then I hurt you again and again and again?

All that's left to do, ah.
Is give it up, Ahhhhhh?

No, no, give it up
And surrender,

Sweet surrender.
Surrender for love?

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Chains of Memories Left Behind

To my dear sweet Zoe - gone too soon

Moonshine time
Thoughts of you
Spinning round
As thoughts do
I just wondered if
your eyes still shined
As they did
When you were mine

I can see
in a dream
Thoughts so clear
and jewels that gleam
Would your eyes
Still sparkle then
If we were, once again

Jewel eyed girl please come home
Jewel eyed girl don't leave me alone

Lovely girl
Can you see
Where it is
You're meant to be
Where you lay
Your head tonight
May the stars
Find you light
So am I
Sitting here
Moonlight glistens
On my tears
Is this all
That we could find
Chains of memories
Left behind      

Jewel eyed girl please come home
Jewel eyed girl don't leave me behind   

 Fleetwood Mac